Why do women like big penises? Women are turned on and satisfied by a large, thick, and powerful penis, not to mention they are visually stimulating as well. No Doubt about the fact that they do! While platonic love does exist, the physical desires and their fulfillment play an important role in any relationship. One of our visitors, Samantha once commented, "Absolutely Yes. The penis size does matter. The bigger it is, the more fulfilling sex is." In fact any woman who doesn't like a bigger than normal penis size, would be considered a rarity in todays world. Though they all may say that it doesn't matter, they often discuss the mens' sizes when they are in each others company. A comprehensive study conducted by the Alfred C. Kinsey Institute for Sex Research suggests that the average penis size ranges from 5"-7" in erect condition. Samantha further wrote, "I once slept with a fellow who had a mini-size cock. Although I put up with it (only to avoid hurting him), I had to later go to the rest room and help myself - a situation I would never want to be in again." Doesn't that say it all!  Well, the recent technological advancements have made it possible for the common man to avail the benefits of the highly effective penis enlargement methods. So don't become the the topic of ridicule among the ladies and start working on your penis size right now. Checkout how you can make it possible by reading our independent penis enlargement reviews.
Where to begin?

For starters it is the visual impact. A bigger, fuller, longer penis is just more manly, more powerful, more masculine to look at and admire. A man who has a large, thick penis with a nice meaty head on it is just plain damn sexy to look at--period! It excites you and titillates. It speaks as a testament to sexual prowess and manliness for the pure raw visceral longing it generates. Compare this to a man with a stumply little C*** still looking like it needs to grow up. On an adult man it is just a comical sad little joke and it does nothing to inspire sexual excitement. Really, the only thing such a small dick is for is to highlight by negative example the real status of manhood by being a counter example to a man who is in possession of a manly size C***.

Then there are the very real physical reasons. For one thing a penis that is fuller means it has more girth, which in turn will stimulate the vagina, particularly the vaginal lips far more than a thinner penis. Feeling a large, thick C*** sliding in and out, tugging at your labia truly excites you far more superiorly than a skinnier penis. The length too is important. Contrary to the myth that a woman's sensation ends after the first third of her vagina, a woman can indeed feel sexual stimulation in the depths of her vagina. A long, full penis just gives you that filled up feeling, where you feel the warmth and manly fullness of the man inside of you, expanding you, stimulating you, and fulfilling you in everyplace and in ways that a smaller endowed man is just physically incapable of accomplishing.

And in my experience a larger endowed man just lasts longer. I do not know why that is, but I can honestly say that men of average to smaller size just do not last as long, nor are as readily up for subsequent sex. In striking contrast a larger endowed man has more stamina, which women naturally equate with greater masculinity, has a shorter refractory period, and able to sexually perform not only for a longer period of times but for a greater number of times as well.

All this for a woman translates to more intense, powerful, vagina-wide orgasms, more of them in one time, and more of them in greater number of sessions.

Orally as well, a larger penis is just more satisfying, since there is more to suck and lick and kiss and make love to. Feeling a man's large C*** in your hand is by itself just a *huge* turn on or seeing that beautiful bulge growing in his pants is enough to get you wet in anticipation. But see a well hung man's gorgeous manhood revealed, particularly for the first time, standing in proud erection is to evoke that deep eons long natural urgings and longings of loving worshipfulness.

Let's just face it, size definitely matters and bigger is indeed better. It is really not a mystery as to why women prefer larger sized penises. Most women will not say it aloud but lets face it, it is what excites us more than anything with perhaps the exception of a warm, skilled tongue. After all, you don't find the romance novel industry or porn film industry populated with men with average or small little dicks right? It just isn't a female fantasy. Prowess and masculinity is what excites us and a larger endowed man exudes that sexually far far more than a smaller endowed male, no matter what social status that smaller dick male might have.

This is why size matters and why we women prefer bigger cocks.

Hope I have not made an guy out there feel bad, but you asked the question and on here (the internet) we women do not have to be so guarded and have to censure our natural inclinations and perfectly normal feelings that is perfectly natural.
Why do women like big penises?
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Why do women like big penises?
Why do women like big penises? - I used tho think that size didn't matter and that "it wasn't the size of the ocean but the motion of the ocean" and all the other cliches. But then I date this guy with the nicest and most beautiful penis I had ever seen! I just melted the first time I saw it and knew I was in for a big treat. I came the hardest and longest that I ever came in my life. No man ever satisfied me that way and it forever turned me into a firm believer that biggers is better. No more small dicks for me!
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Why do women like big penises?
Why do women like big penises? - Research has confirmed that what most women want is a bigger-than-average penis, but what is really important is width rather than length. They say the ideal penis is one which is thick enough to stretch the woman's vaginal opening and which can be felt inside their body, each time they have sex. "I would rather sleep with a guy who has a thick member than someone with a thin, reedy schlong that hits my cervix every time he penetrates me."
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Women's Sexual Benefits Of Male Enlargement Program
Hundreds of books, articles, web sites all promise to unveil great secrets about becoming a good lover. Take any magazine at your grocery checkouts and see titles like "top 5 ways to keep your lover happy!" or "10 well kept secrets to help boost your bedroom life!"

The idea is that you can become if not the greatest lover at least way better that you currently are. And chances are this statement is correct since we only act on instinct and we don't take the time to know ourselves and to improve. Most of the time takes so little to be able to create an incredible night of magical love.

But as always real life is just a little more different than a self help book may make you believe. Let's face it a book alone won't be able to help you become a better lover. You need to understand how your body works, to build sexual confidence and adjust your sexual technique by practicing a lot. You may want to also involve some exercising in the mix, always a great idea for strengthening a penis and make it go to distance.

Men's biggest two concerns are penis size and erection problems. A girlfriend told me once she had a lover with huge penis but he wasn't too good with it. I was proud of myself but still felt a little envy on the big penis guy!!

Men like to do things well and to excel at whatever they do, sex especially. But how do you make sure you know how to give her the best sexual experience if you don't feel fully confident?

Women love a confident man, period. When it comes to sex they like to see the man taking charge, knowing what to do and what he wants. If you are like that I guarantee your night will be over before it is started!

It may sound strange to state that women are the first beneficiaries of penis enlargement but it is true because she will be the one to notice first the changes. The man gets a big confidence boost knowing he can please his woman any time he wants therefore wanting more sex, the woman gets more and better sexual experience featuring a bigger penis.

At this point the man can relax, there is no more pressure, no more embarrassment but only joy and pride. Penis enlargement programs can get a man a bigger and better penis, a lot more control over his sexuality.

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