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10 Page Playboy Spread on WWE Diva Maria Kanellis
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Maria Kanellis on Playboy Magazine April 2008 Cover Glamorous WWE Diva Maria Kanellis in Nude Playboy Shoot (Pictures Photos) WWE Diva Maria Kanellis will
Playboy, April 2008 Issue (Single Issue Magazine)

The Playboy layout for WWE superstar Maria Kanellis
WWE Diva Maria Kanellis
Sexy WWE Diva Maria Kanellis shows it all in Playboy !
Maria Kanellis (born February 25, 1982) better known simply as Maria, is an American professional wrestler and model, currently signed to World Wrestling Entertainment performing on its RAW brand. She also made regular appearances in WWE's training territory, Ohio Valley Wrestling.
Her first taste of the WWE came in the summer of 2004 when she was a part of the first ever RAW Diva Search. Although she didn't win the competition it didn't take the WWE long to see that there was something special about Miss Kanellis and they hired her as part of the company in November of 2004. Doing everything from interviewing superstars backstage or kicking a little diva butt in the ring, you can be sure to catch the gorgeous Maria each and every week on Monday Night Raw.
Fame hasn't spoiled WWE Diva Maria Kanellis.

Although she's garnered a huge fan-following on one of cable's top-rated TV shows, "WWE Raw," and currently graces the cover of Playboy's April issue, she's down to earth, knows about cars, and best of all digs comic books (and hopefully the guys who like to read them).

Even though it's the busiest time of year for WWE with their biggest event, WrestleMania XXIV, coming up this Sunday, March 30, Maria was cool enough to take time to hang out with Marvel.com and discuss everything from her Marvel tag team partner of choice to her favorite Marvel movies.
Wrestling Diva Nude Craze: Maria Kanellis, Leticia Cline, Candice Michelle
Professional Wrestling has had its share of scandals lately, but this is one that the audience (and the industry itself) probably won't seem to mind. The sports entertainment genre is experiencing a rash of Naked Divas!
The recent outbreak of nakedness started when former TNA Knockout Leticia Cline appeared on the Howard Stern Sirius Satellite Radio Show and shocked everyone -- even Howard! -- by her frank discussions about sex and her uninhibited ride on the infamous sybian machine.

Then, Hustler Magazine announced it had obtained a near-25 year old videotape of Nancy Benoit posing in the nude, and would be lifting stills off the video for publication. The notion of a recent murder victim having nude photos revealed after 25 years in secret did not sit well with many people. But Nancy Benoit was not just Chris Benoit's wife, she was a prominent sex symbol in the wrestling world for many years as "The Fallen Angel" in Florida and "Woman" in Ted Turner's World Championship

As the wrestling world coped with the scandal of the Nancy Benoit pictures in Hustler, a swirl of speculation surrounded the annual Wrestlemania Playboy edition, with the hot rumor being that Chicago's Maria Kanellis has already posed for the magazine, and the formal announcement is forthcoming.

Add to the fact that last year's Wrestlemania Playboy cover girl, Ashley Massaro, has just returned to the active roster after an embarrassing stint on CBS Network's "Survivor" series, and that the rock 'n' roll Diva appears to be switching from the Smackdown brand to the USA Network's "Monday Night Raw" show.

Playboy Now - click here !
Candice Michelle
And now comes the newest addition to the Wrestling Divas Nudity Craze this month, as more of Candice Michelle's wild photo shoots from before her joining World Wrestling Entertainment in 2004 have come to light. First, it was revealed that Candice did several foot fetish videos under the name Mackenzie Montgomery. Now, some rather intense BONDAGE pictures of Candice, bound and gagged, having her blouse ripped open have emerged. click here !

Candice is not only a WWE Diva, but also the super sexy spokeswoman for the controversially adult-themed "Go Daddy" commercials that air on the SuperBowl.